5 Unique and Sustainable Fathers Day Gifts

With fathers day just around the corner, is there a better time to celebrate and honour our loved ones? For children, it’s a time to show appreciation for the fathers and special father-like figures. For Adults, it’s a time to acknowledge and appreciate the love, daily sacrifices and contributions of their husbands and dads. 

Typically a day synonymous with waste and overconsumption, it’s hard to not get carried away, but what other options are out there? And what do you get for the dad that seemingly has everything? Hint, the answer is not socks or a face-adorned mug. If you have found yourself still searching for that perfect fathers day gift, you are not alone. Alas, there is no need to panic. We’ve thrown together a few last minute, easy and sustainable ideas, that are guaranteed to leave dad feeling very “worth it”.


Showing up for your children is a full time, life long gig, with no days off and zero pay. Whether that’s changing all of the nappies, or being the fixer of all things, physically and metaphorically all the while telling all the dad jokes.

Let us get back to the roots of Father's day for a second, where it was originally known to be a day for the parent figures to rest, which; let's face it, is no easy feat in 2022! So why not gift dad “The Gift of Free Time''? We’re talking about a free pass for you to relieve them of any/all parenting duties - You make the rules here, so make it fun! Try your hand at making a few handmade coupons to be redeemed at any point throughout the year. It’s an opportunity for those around to step up, whether that be the kids jumping in to do the dishes, or adults taking charge of other daily parental duties. This may not be conventional, but it sure will be appreciated, because truth be told, everyone loves a day off. Dads included. Best of all, it’s Free!


It would be remiss of us to not suggest a Fressko. After all, whether dad is a coffee or tea drinker there is a Fressko for everyone, not to mention they are sustainably stylish AND practical.

Our Coffee Lovers Gift Packs are the ultimate gift for the coffee connoisseur, with each box containing a Fressko Reusable Coffee Cup and 2x Pod and Parcel packs suitable for Nespresso machines. The premium gift box can also be upcycled into a coffee cup tray, due to the nifty perforated cup holes on the base. PERFECT for the family coffee/hot choccy run after swim lessons. Dad not a coffee lover? That’s A-Ok because we’ve got Move 660ml and Core 1L - The essential emotional support water bottles. Up his water intake whilst encouraging ditching single-use plastics. The interchangeable Sip Lid is a must-buy for dads on the go, whether that’s to the work site, the gym, or the office. These robust, sleek bottles are a winner in our book.

To find your closest Fressko stockist head over to the “find us” tab on our website, alternatively, you can easily let dad have the freedom to make his own choice by purchasing a digital gift card valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Everyones a winner.


Gifting doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact, with a little bit of forethought, it can actively help preserve it if you just think outside of the box. Take dad on an outing to your local nursery on fathers day, where you can browse and choose a small tree together? Taking it home and finding a nice spot to plant it is a wonderful bonding opportunity AND you will both also be taking direct action against climate change. Don’t have space for a tree? A potted miniature fruit tree/plant in a pot works just as well, plus you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour over the years to come. 


We live in the digital age, where most photos we take today live on smartphones. Why not immortalise some of your family favourites by creating a DIY memory book? You can go old school by creating a physical photo album. Simply head to your local art supply store and choose a good quality, ring-bound notebook - Preferably one from recycled materials, some photo adhesive and then print out some of your most memorable moments with dad. Personalise it with handwritten notes to remember each day. If DIY is not your cup of tea, there are some user-friendly digital versions available online such as Once Upon that create beautiful albums direct from your smartphone. Convenient!


The best kinds of gifts are those that are thoughtfully and lovingly made by one's hands, because nothing says I appreciate you more than donating your precious time and skillset.

One of our favourite handmade gifts is lotion because everyone has skin, right? Plus they smell luscious and come in all different types; whether it’s in the form of a scrub or body butter, the benefits are two-fold. By creating your own lotions you eliminate nasty toxins found in common skincare products, whilst also minimising waste and often creating more volume, thus gaining more bang for your buck. Good ones to try for dad would be this beard oil, or whipped body butter. Make them gift-ready, by packaging in recycled, sterilised food jars or bottles.

If you didn’t find anything you were looking for in this list we hope we piqued your interest in joining the low waste, sustainable gifting movement.

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