Plastic Free July

Happy Plastic Free July. An annual event that encourages the everyday individual to up their eco game, and make some positive changes to look after the beautiful environment in which we live. 

Globally the world produces approximately 300 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, A figure that has doubled over the past two decades. And just how much of this is recycled? Well, not a lot! Reports show that a mere 9% of the world's plastic is recycled. Despite technically being a sustainable material, from an economic point of view, recycling this material is deemed inefficient and more expensive, therefore it has become cheaper and more desirable to make products from scratch. This is not good news.

Thankfully there are some do-gooders out there doing some really good things, including running incredible initiatives to combat the plastic waste crisis. One being Plastic Free July®. A campaign that has been running since 2011, by The Plastic Free foundation. Their vision? To see a world free of plastic waste. Wouldn’t that be a magical thing?  

Talking all things waste-free is our Jam, and we firmly believe it’s also up to individuals as well as organisations to play their part. So if you fancy getting involved this year, we’ve come up with a few ways in which you can eliminate plastic from your daily life for the duration of July and beyond if you’re feeling extra motivated. Once you realise how easy it actually it is.


Australians have long since had an affinity for coffee. So much so that Melbourne has more cafes per person than anywhere else in the world. There’s a reason we have held the coveted title of Coffee Capital of the world. Yet unfortunately, somehow in 2024, we still throw away 2.7 million single-use coffee cups each day. That’s almost 10 per cent of the population. By choosing a reusable coffee cup such as a Fressko, not only are you saving the planet from waste, but you are also, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving approximately 126 trees from being chopped down, and reducing water usage. This one is a no-brainer in our book. Plus they look pretty great.


With many brands and businesses adopting a plastic-free approach for their goods, I think we can safely assume that the majority of us own a fabric tote of some description by default. Pop one of those in your bag, so that you carry it on you at all times. Those odd trips to the supermarket just got 15cents cheaper AND you’re looking after the environment. Go you good thing. Buying fruit and vegetables? Opt for reusable produce bags that are now widely available, often at your local supermarket or health food store and of course online.


Did you know that bottled water companies don’t produce water? They produce the plastic bottles. If that doesn’t weird you out enough, new research shows that even leading bottled water brands contain microplastics. Yuk! Single-use water bottles are also often bulky, cumbersome and downright ugly. It’s time to double down and get yourself a reusable that you can refill on the go, minus the side serve of microplastic. A Fressko Insulated Water Bottle is the perfect chemical-free and BPA-free option, made from stainless steel. With 2 sizes to choose from, not only are you getting more bang for your buck each time you refill, but you’re also going to look pretty stylish with the array of colours on offer to suit each personal style. Even the larger 1 Litre size is sleek in design. 


Every single toothbrush you have ever used since you were born still exists. Let that sink in for a minute. Over 3.5 million are sold worldwide per year, with the majority ending up in landfill or worse still, our rivers and oceans. Why? Because small items such as toothbrushes often get lost in the recycling process. Your solution? Choose a bamboo toothbrush. And why bamboo? Because bamboo is a natural material, that is completely biodegradable. It is fast-growing, needs very little water and can be harvested within 3-5 years after planting. And whilst you still might be contributing to single-use given the fact it’s recommended you switch toothbrushes every 3-6 months, however, you can simply add them into your compost bin once you’re finished, provided you chop off the bristles beforehand.


We don’t know about you, but we can’t even take a shower these days without the guilts sneakily creeping in whilst we squeeze out the last remnants of shampoo from out of the bottle. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives on the market these days. The majority coming in the form of bar soap. Choose from shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels, most of which have multiple formulations to suit your skin type. Better still, with the rise of TikTok or good old-fashioned YouTube, you’re bound to find a page dedicated to making your own. Not only are you reducing your waste, and simply just enjoying a more simple routine, chances are the ingredients are more natural too, with far fewer unnecessary chemicals. Always read the label to check.


And lastly, get creative. Got an old container from your Fressko cup? Use it as a stationary holder. Got old coffee jars? Use them for storing your loose bits and bobs or other pantry items. Ultimately the less waste we're throwing away on the regular, the better.

For more ideas on how to reduce your plastic waste. Head over to

Good Luck. We believe in you!

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