Our philosophy is simple: Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.

At Fressko, we’re all about keeping things simple and sustainable. We care about the planet around us and are committed to giving our customers the highest quality, carefully designed products that make it easy to live healthy and consciously.

Fressko flasks and reusable coffee cups are a sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic bottles and rubber or plastic coated single use take-away cups. Our flasks and coffee cups are thoughtfully designed by our team in Melbourne with quality, aesthetic and versatility in mind. We use only 100% BPA Free materials, including our bamboo which is sourced from the mountains of Ningbo.

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." - Anne Marie Bonneau



made by Fressko: kind, always.

What does it mean to choose Fressko?

When you purchase a Fressko flask or coffee cup, you are choosing to make a difference. Choosing to be one of a kind, choosing to back quality products and reusable products - products that are kind towards the planet we inhabit, kind to yourself.

We launched Fressko in 2014 with our original tea infuser range. We started small but as we have grown we have been able to branch out with high quality reusable coffee cups, helping to eliminate thousands of single use cups that would have ended up in landfill.

The Fressko difference:

When it comes to design and manufacture, we have spared no expense. Our tea infusers and coffee cups are made to the highest standards from the best quality materials.

Be kind to yourself - Choose Quality. You and the planet deserve it.

But who is Fressko, you ask.

Well, we are based in Melbourne, Australia. Our full range is designed in-house with careful consideration on all aspects. We also manage our own marketing and customer service – this means that when you get in touch with Fressko, you’re dealing with us directly.

Quality control is extremely important to us. We employ a third-party QA team to carefully oversee the production of our flasks and cups that are carefully manufactured in China by our trusty team there.

Fressko's are sold online around the world, and in store across Australia, NZ, Asia, USA and the Middle East.

Thank you to every person who has supported us thus far.

You are so kind :)


When it comes to creating the highest quality product, there are no shortcuts.

Our method of production is a complex 12-step process, but we think it’s worth it. We also know that our customers can tell the difference when they compare a Fressko product to an imitation.


We have carefully chosen our manufacturers and work closely alongside them .

We do this to make sure every bottle is perfect, every time. Our partner factories in China are the best in the business, using the most advanced technology and machinery while maintaining ethical workplaces – something that is very important to us, and to you.


Fressko flasks are made from the highest quality glass, bamboo and stainless steel

We test our products at every stage of production to make sure they are only ever made from the thickest A-grade borosilicate glass, and food-grade 304 18/8 stainless steel. The end result is a reusable, durable, beautifully finished Flask or coffee cup with the best standard of vacuum seal.


Our quality testing is higher than industry standards.

We conduct multiple tests and QA procedures running on every production line, both before and after the two glass tubes are sealed together. We utilise a third-party QA team who oversee the process of manufacture, as well as conducting a final test on all complete products to ensure a high quality Fressko has been produced.


Investing in a reusable Fressko flask or coffee cup is the smartest choice for your health and lifestyle.

Investing in a reusable Fressko flask is the smartest choice for your health and lifestyle. Our glass flasks are made from BPA-free, double-walled glass so you’ll never have to worry about chemical leaching, flask or cup discolouring or flavour tainting, like you would with cheaper materials. The same goes with our stainless steel range.  Everything is to food grade standards - untainted and safe for your family.