Stop Buying Reusable Coffee Cups!

16 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away EACH DAY! Yes, you read that right - each DAY. So the obvious answer is to use a reusable cup, right? Absolutely yes. BUT buy just one - the right one.

Why? - Well because buying a badly made reusable cup, one that breaks easily or gets grubby quickly ( no one wants a cup that looks like it is been rolling around under the seat of your car  - even if you wash them religiously ), all leads us to want to buy another new cup, and that is kinda defeating the purpose of sustainability, right? 

So what is the answer then, you ask? It’s quality. A quality cup that will stand the test of time. This cup does exist too, it’s our Fressko reusable cup. 

We designed our reusable cup to tick all the boxes of a daily coffee ( or tea! ) drinker. 



Let’s be honest, most people inhale their brew within the first 10 minutes of it being poured, but we get that sometimes this just isn’t the case, and we need it to last the distance. The Fressko reusable travel cup is insulated ( also known as vacuum-sealed ) so that it will stay hot for up to 3 hours and cold ( hello summer iced coffees! ) for even longer! Not sure you quite believe us? We did a heat test that you can check out here

Our travel cups are made from food grade stainless steel and are powder coated on the outside. This means that no matter how hot the brew is on the inside, it is never too hot to hold on the outside. 

Barista Lines.

A perfectly brewed cup of joe comes down to a few variables. The grind at which the beans are ground, the length of the extraction, the temperature of the milk/h20) risk of sounding a little wanky, there’s an art to it. So nothing gets my goat more, than when my cup is filled to the max, knocking that fine balance straight out of whack….Want some coffee with your milk? Not me! Can’t attach your lid due to overfilling? Not with a Fressko! 

With so many reusable cups on the market, it’s hardly surprising that figuring out the correct 6oz/8oz/12oz measurement can become somewhat of a guessing game for even your most seasoned barista. By adding internal lines to our coffee cups we’ve eliminated the guesswork, making it easier than ever to perfect that brew.

Scratch Resistant.

We had a lot of fun choosing the colour pallet for our range of cups and flasks, however, we’re not only about aesthetics. Our beautiful powder coated stainless steel comes down to functionality and practicality. We designed them with the busiest hands in mind and put them through many coffee user tests, y’know, the bag test, the dropping on the ground test, the leaving it on the roof of the car and driving off test... In all seriousness though, throughout this rigorous testing, we have played rough, and tough, and they have come out the other end scratch/dent free ( mostly… the car roof test, did leave a small dent, we are not going to lie, but is it still pretty and functional? Yes!)  We are proud as punch to have perfected a product that will look swish, for years to come. 


How many times have you popped your empty coffee cup in your bag, lid closed, only to reach in and find soggy receipts and whatever else it is you like to carry around, drenched in bean juice? The worst, right? The nifty click lock lid system has been carefully designed to eliminate spillage, while the slip-resistant silicone base significantly reduces accidents around your laptop, Winning! 

Ergonomically designed.

Having tried and tested a bajillion variations, the Camino reusable mug was born out of a desire to recreate your typical single-use coffee cup. Quite frankly, getting doused in coffee whilst trying to locate the opening on other reusable cups on the market is not the flavour flav'… (I know, first world problems! Alas, It happens to the best of us...) So when push came to shove, we couldn’t move beyond the ergonomic feel of the sip lids on your typical throw-away version, and as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don’t fix it. 


So when you lay all of these well considered features on the table, the award-winning Fressko reusable coffee cup is arguably one of the most reliable and versatile travel mugs on the market, ideal for home, office, commuting and even cycling. By choosing Fressko, not only are you making an investment that will go the distance. You can also rest assured you’re not only going to look good, but you’re also going to feel good too. 

So. Stop buying reusable coffee cups. Just buy one, that will last! 


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