Colour your world.

While the old adage ‘looks don’t matter’ is an honourable concept, the truth is that us humans are visual beings, through and through. From the decor in our homes, to that vase of flowers, or the soft glow of a yoga studio, how our environment looks is critical to how it makes us feel. As we enter the winter phase and the worldly tones become more mellow, we need to make that extra little bit more effort to bring colour into our daily lives. Now is a great time to think about how you can incorporate your favourites colours into your everyday.
Choose your mood:
Have you ever noticed that wearing a dress, shirt or even a scarf in your favourite colour can be an instant mood booster? By putting a little thought into the way you colour your world, you can make a big difference to how you feel. Our colour range has been designed to give you the freedom to choose the colour that best suits you. Take a look at our colour and mood guidance if you need some help picking your perfect hue!
  • Reef = Energy
Bright, stimulating colours have actually been shown to increase adrenaline and stimulate energy levels, just by looking at them!
  • Midnight and Onyx = Confidence
These strong, elegant hues are the perfect addition to your confident, go-get-em attitude.
  • Blush and Stone = Calm
Bring some calm, centred moments into your day with these soothing colours
Eat the rainbow:
When it comes to your dinner plate, the more colour the better! Not only does your meal look more appetising when it’s bursting with rich colours, but the phytochemicals which give fruits and vegetables their colours contain a lot of healthy properties. So, steer clear of monotone eating and mix it up to make sure you’re eating as much of the rainbow as possible.
Water gets pretty:
We get it, plain old water can be a little boring. If you’re struggling to get through your two litres per day, adding fresh fruit to your Fressko flask is a great way to brighten things up! Not only will your water look more appealing, it will also taste great too. We guarantee you’ll be drinking plenty more before you know it.
Try the colour collection range and watch how your water intake increases!

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