Make Bubble Tea at Home

Bubble Tea, Boba Tea, Pearl Milk Tea - It’s all the same; combinations of delicious, sweet tea made with either black, green or oolong tea, often containing oddly satisfying, chewy tapioca ‘bubbles’.

It is widely believed that Bubble Tea was first created in the 80’s in Taipei (conflicting stories suggest it might have been from other cities), where drinking Milk Tea was already widely popular. Another popular treat in Taiwan was shaved ice and tapioca balls, commonly served as a desert. Legend has it that one stall owner in a local market came up with the idea to combine all of these components to make a refreshing drink. And thus, Bubble Tea was born - and so popular that all over the world, we have seen bubble tea chains popping up ever since.

Obviously, we think our Fressko Glass Flasks are perfect for Bubble Tea, so we thought we would give it a whirl!

Now, we were a little timid - I mean we had NO IDEA how to make it and it’s so cool, we assumed it would be really hard. So, we enlisted the help of our friends at Bubble Tea Club, who were kind enough to send us some essentials and supply us with a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

With surprising ease and quite a bit of fun, we managed to create 5, delicious bubble tea combos from Bubble Tea Club and we’d love to share the recipes with you! Check them out.

Original Milk Tea

As the name suggests, this recipe is the staple of bubble teas. We made it exactly how the recipe from BBTC suggested and then tried it using the brown sugar syrup instead of the fructose syrup for a more deep flavour. Both were YUM. We know all of these teas are made to be really sweet, but you could definitely reduce the amount of sugar to your taste.

Peach Fruit Tea

This tea had a genuine peach flavour. It was super fresh and thirst quenching. Again you can adapt the sweetness levels to suit your palate. BBTC has a bunch of toppings to choose from to add in at the end. The possibilities are endless!

Brown Sugar Tea

Similar to the milk tea recipes, this recipe involves cooking the tapioca and actually using the leftover water in the pot afterwards to add even more syrupy goodness. This one tastes exactly as it sounds. Rich, sweet and moreish.

Mango Fruit Tea

Much like the peach tea, this fruity burst of flavour made with green tea as its base is a great summer beverage. We had some fun with some Mango Popping Pearls to jazz it up. Yum.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Unusually delicious, this one is made with a flavoured tea powder. With such a unique, melon flavour and the dark tapioca pearls, this is definitely a party for your taste buds.

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