Happier Healthier Hormones - Book Launch!

At Fressko, we always come back to our philosophy - Be Kind to Mother Earth, To Others and to Ourselves. So when we see or hear about people teaching people or creating ways that assist people in learning how to be kind to themselves from the inside out, we do a happy dance and want to share it with you. One of those things is this E-Book by Nutritionist, Jacqui Lamplugh. Our hormones play such a large role in our physical and mental health so its important that we learn how to keep them balanced and in good health. We recommend having a little read while sipping on a hot cuppa - some of these tips may just surprise you!

A little note from Jacqui....

Your go-to guide to balancing your hormones naturally. If you are struggling with hormonal imbalances or just want to know how to keep your hormones healthy than this is for you! And I have made it super simple! Here I share with you diet and lifestyle tips to keep those hormones happy. Often the smallest changes bring about the biggest results and this e-book is about giving you the knowledge and tools to do just that. You’ll find heaps of fun, healthy and practical tips to achieve happier, healthier hormones. It’s what’s on the inside the counts! So, you’ll receive:
  • The run down on hormones
  • How to tell which hormone/s are out of balance
  • Hormone Friendly Foods
  • What to keep in your pantry
  • 3 day meal plan
  • Hormone friendly lifestyle
  • And loads of tips for balancing your hormones!
I hope you enjoy it! Jacqui x You can get your hands on a copy here

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