4 Bushfire Affected Aussie Holiday Destinations For 2021

The 2019-2020 bushfires wreaked havoc throughout many parts of our homeland, Australia, burning over a whopping 18.6 million hectares of our fair country and destroying over 2770 homes. Wildlife had a catastrophic loss, and air quality dropped to hazardous levels across the southern and eastern states - 2020 was hard, to say the least.

One industry hit particularly hard by this devastating disaster was tourism, which experienced a tremendous loss of up to 4.5 billion dollars.

The devastation was then accentuated by the fact that the 2020 covid-19 pandemic shut down all international travel, so not only did they have no national tourism for the remainder of 2020, they have not even been able to attempt to recoup their losses with overseas visitors.

Now with summer getaways on the horizon we have had to think outside the box in terms of family trips and holidays so we thought we would discover how we can still have that much-needed getaway and also support some of the areas worst affected by the bushfires.

Places we love:


The bushfires had thousands of people fleeing to the sea as the blaze reached the township of Mallacoota, Gippsland in December 2019.

Now in recovery and with it’s beautiful, unspoilt coastline set in Victoria, the destination is equipped with scenic walks and bike trails, lakes, shopping, heritage sights and phenomenal dining experiences.

Kangaroo Island

Wildfires consumed half of the island while dozens of homes were destroyed and lives were taken.

Covered in (some recovering) native bushland, this beautiful island in South Australia has pristine beaches with a coastline covering 509km.

With kangaroos, sea lions, koalas, echidnas, wallabies, goannas and marine life galore, this vast island retreat is known as the “Zoo Without Fences’

Blue Mountains

With 68% of the Greater Blue Mountains NSW burnt by the 2019-2020 summer fires, an estimated 123 million native animals were severely impacted. With recovery steadily progressing, tourism needs to pick up in these unprecedented times.

With spectacular scenic lookouts, walks, cave exploration, golf, wine and dining experiences, to name a few, The Blue Mountains are the ultimate in natural and human-made attractions.

Sapphire Coast

In between Sydney and Melbourne, Sapphire Coast, Bega Valley NSW is home to glorious beaches, rolling hills and everything in between.

Take a cultural tour with local aboriginals, through to Wonboyn Lake, a serene fishing spot. Or delve into a beautiful whale watch in Eden.

In Australia, we are fortunate to be able to ( mostly ) travel interstate at the moment and appreciate the country we live in, and with these spots and so many more that could use our support, why not take the chance to discover the beauties that have been on our doorsteps, waiting for us to visit.

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